Side guided window timber/aluminium - Alux®

Side guided windows are primarily used in multi-storey buildings where it is neccessaries to clean the windows from inside.

Side guided windows are as standard supplied with hidden sliding hinges.

The window is operated by an espagnolette handle in the closing side of the sash. By opening the sash can be secured leaving an opening of 1-2 cm for ventilation.

Standard accessories

Article no. 3900200
Espagnolette, matt chrom, cranked - left  

Special accessories

Article no. 3900200/3100122
Espagnolette with child safety, matt chrom, cranked - right
Article no. 3100123
Lockable handle, matt chrom, cranked - only right  
Article no. 3900260
Safety, matt chrom
Article no. 3900262
Safety, white
Article no. 3900104
Espagnolette, zinc
Article no. 3900296
40cm2 internal vent, - piece sale or fitted, grey.